Attack on Hindus in Comilla

 The attacks on Hindus in Comilla have shocked the nation and are still being discussed across the world. The incident has been viewed negatively by the Muslim community, which is the third largest minority in Bangladesh. The police were ordered to investigate the matter, and the local administration shut down electricity, internet access, and Durga Puja in the area. This is a serious development for the Hindu community in the area, which is already living under constant fear.

The Islamic fundamentalists, who were gathered for jumma prays, also attacked a puja pandal and a temple. The police failed to stop the mobs but they did not stop them from destroying Hindu homes and temples. 13 people were arrested. However, some believe they were not from the area. The government is currently investigating the attack on Hindus in Comilla and the state of the local Hindu community.

Many Hindus fled their homes and puja madrasas when the attack began and ran to safety. During the chaos, the police did not speak a word. The Hindu community in the area called the fire and police departments to report the situation. The incident was broadcast live via Facebook, but no one came forward to defend Hindus. The incident has also led to further attacks on Hindus in Thakurpara and Chakbazar Kapuria Patti, according to the media.

The attack on Hindus in Comilla was a result of a disproportionate number of Muslims being part of a minority community. Although many Muslim groups have expressed support for the French people they have destroyed the homes of many Hindu families. It is important to note that most of these Muslim attacks are not directed at Hindus in Bangladesh but at Muslims.

Two Hindu homes were looted and attacked in Chandpur district, 60 km southwest. The attackers hurled stones and insulted the Quran at the feet of Ganesh, a Hindu god. Many Muslim women and men were hurt in the attacks. Several are still in critical condition. An aggressive mob made up of Muslim people attacked the temples. This may seem like a terrible incident, but the government has promised to punish those responsible.

The attack did not stop at the Comilla area. The government has already deployed security forces to the region. The incident was also sparked in part by a post to a Hindu forum via social media. After Muslim militants set fire to the buildings, several Hindu homes were damaged or destroyed. The government is trying calm the situation following the attack on Hindu temples and Hindu homes.

The attack on the Hindu community is a matter of national concern. Numerous arrests have been made in response to the violence in the area. A video showing a Quran placed in front a Hindu idol sparked a fire that claimed the lives of ten people. The government was also criticized for failing to investigate the violence and has been criticized. The attacks on the Muslim community spread to other parts the country.

Two men were arrested following the incident. Anik and Shankar Debnath from Bangladesh were both arrested for allegedly inflicting religious sentiments on the region. The Islamist mob destroyed the Hindu homes after a Facebook post by the two men. The Islamist mob attacked Hindu homes after a Facebook post by the two men. It was triggered a controversial cartoon in a satirical journal.

50 people were injured in the violence in Comilla, including a policeman. After a viral photo of a Quran on a Hindu god was posted on social media, the extremist Muslim organizations attacked Comilla's temple. Two people were killed and Hindu homes and temples were vandalized. However, the police have yet to determine who was responsible for the attack. The state has not yet ruled out the possibility of a prosecution.


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