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The Benefits of Each Type of Massage

    Some massage users report pain and soreness, but many massage clients find it relaxing and healing. Many massage lovers believe that the human touch is instinctual, and helps to convey messages of support as well as compassion. No matter what reason someone seeks massage therapy, it is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. The benefits of each massage technique vary greatly, depending on the individual. Here are some details about each type of massage. Reflexology Reflexology massage is a type of acupressure massage that relies on firm pressure on certain points on the feet. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes but can last an hour depending on the reflexologist. Reflexologists can treat many ailments by using a variety acupressure points. Reflexologists may concentrate on one area of the foot, such as the toes, to treat sinus problems, or they may treat the entire foot to improve overall health. During the treatment, you should be fully clothed, so you will no